Redesigning and rebuilding South African Education Project's SA and US websites


The South African Education Project (SAEP) is a non-profit organization based in Cape Town, South Africa. They provide education, life skills, and psycho-social support programs for children, youth, and education providers. I interned with SAEP in the fall of 2019 to revamp their website, www.saep.org.


The SAEP community

My first few weeks with SAEP involved helping out with projects inside the office and on site to get to know the organization as well as its beneficiaries, partners, and donors. Throughout those weeks I began formal and informal interviews with SAEP website users, finding out what current issues they had with the website. I found that the main issues were with a surplus of information which created a cluttered and unorganized feel.


Collaborating for design

With an understanding of the website users and their needs, I began defining the website and its design. I ran through various comparable websites with users to see what layouts and styles they prefered and created desktop wireframes for the new website.


Testing the solution

With input and feedback from the wireframes, I revised, got feedback, and revised again before moving on to creating the actual website. As SAEP does not have anyone currently staffed to maintain the website, I prioritized ease of maintenance alongside the ever important usability, cleanliness, and style.

The Process
  • Created and iterated several prototypes and designs

  • Switched the NGO over to Wix, where they'll get three years of free hosting and intuitive maintenance

  • Completed two renovated websites!


  • I’m interested in this process! Doing it on my own was fun & full of growth/learning but I know with some training I could become much better

  • Don't forget to design for mobile first!


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