Spread the word about taking environmental responsibility for our plastic waste


rePurpose is a social startup based in Bangalore, India that encourages conscious consumers, businesses, and brands to take responsibility for their plastic footprint by empowering waste workers worldwide.

I worked at rePurpose.global in the summer of 2019 as a Behavioral Insights Intern, helping them design their customer journey, organize their online presence and create a user experience that would encourage consumers to refer rePurpose to environmentally conscious friends, family, and colleagues.

My job was to use my expertise on design and human behavior to help them properly convey the gravity of their mission and the effect that consumers could have by taking on their plastic footprint through rePurpose.

A main component of rePurpose is their plastic footprint calculator, a quiz which estimates your annual total plastic consumption. Much of my work involved the customer journey of this quiz, including how after completion we could convince quiz-takers to offset their footprint. Reaching out and speaking with users who had completed the quiz and offset, completed but not offset, and not completed at all gave me insight into which aspects were working and which weren’t, and we used that information to improve the user journey.

The Process
  • A curated and intentional Plastic Footprint Calculator

  • Designs and promotions to encourage referral and spreading the word about becoming #PlasticNeutral


  • Small intimate teams make for fun and collaborative work

  • Creative and socially oriented enterprise is an awesome sector


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