Leadership is the art of bringing out the best in others. Through humility and integrity, great leaders create teams that are worth more than the sum of their parts. I strive to be a leader that inspires confidence, curiosity, and hope for all.

Philosophy Statement


My leadership contributes to shaping the world we share every day. I believe that my thoughts, words, and actions have much more of an impact than I can fully comprehend—as do yours.

Our leadership is all intertwined; we give and take ideas and styles from one another and my leadership evolves every day.



I value people who understand and acknowledge the value of the people around them. 

I find myself appreciating selflessness and generosity in others and they drive me to embody the same traits, from sharing food with roommates to donating my time, money, and efforts towards others.


I strive to never stop improving, to never stagnate and to always seek feedback. I'm inherently a stubborn person, so for me this means keeping an open mind to new ideas and to other's opinions. I hope to retain this trait, especially as I grow older as often times with age comes a certain comfort in one's beliefs.


No one person is better than another, and I value those who lead with integrity and put others first. Prioritizing others exemplifies good character and demonstrates a lack of self ego. 

Everyone has unique priviledges that have allowed them to be where they are and I hope to recognize these priviledges in myself.

Passion & Personal Development Plan

My influences drive me to continuously improve; there are always ways to work on myself and my loved ones inspire me to be the best I can be. These relationships have shown me that I will not always be at my best, but to never give up in striving for core values of kindness and empathy. Watching others find inspiration, growth, or joy from leaders reveals the purpose of leadership to me and contributes to my passion for enabling others to succeed.

In my eyes, the best leader is one who shapes others to lead the best they can possibly be.

My goals are to improve each pillar of the 5 Exemplary Practices of Leadership, recognize those who succeed in them and seek feedback to continuously improve. In particular, I want to:

"Model the Way" by reflecting on my values and ensuring that my decisions, both big and small, reflect my values. I must be critical of my actions and be honest about my values if I find that my actions continuously diverge from my values.​​

"Inspire a Shared Vision" by being intentional with my actions and observing the world around me. By listening and gaining insights from others, I can clarify shared visions and exchange inspiration for a better future.

"Challenge the Process" by constantly searching for opportunities to improve both myself and the institutions that I play a role in. I aim to speak up when I have ideas, ask questions, and take action whenever I see these opportunities for improvement. I want to take smart risks and operate without fear or regret for when those risks don't work out.

"Enable Others to Act" by proving myself to be a dependable leader. I will cultivate this through commitment and honesty with my communities, inspiring an ecosystem where together we are stronger than the sum of our parts.

"Encourage the Heart" by creating inviting spaces, listening and appreciating contibutions, and acknowledging and celebrating the ideas and achievements of others. I aim to take notice both when others are thriving and when they are barely surviving, and always acting in a way to support and encourage my community.